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Hypnotherapy is a deep from of relaxation connecting to the subconscious level - a place of truth, fun, and indifference in the way that it is okay with all that was and is. I often describe it as a form of communication helping you to tap in to all levels of your consciousness, helping you to unravel thoughts, feelings, hurts, pain, behaviours and traits created by life’s experiences.

I am often asked is hypnotherapy the same as stage hypnotherapy and I tell my clients that it is a form of deep relaxation, with you knowing all that is happening. Therefore it is not the same, I feel it is important for people to be able to know what is happening to them, leaving them feeling able to trust and work through their issues. 

Hypnotherapy is a great way to get to the core root of the issues in a soft and effective way creating a pathway forward to create a new strength and greater goal in life. This is done by letting the client see another perspective in the issues that have been created.

My clients often say they feel free from the issues when having a session. I also work with children to help them with confidence or bullying issues as these often have a result of low self-esteem.  Hypnotherapy can help children move forward with greater ease. 

Hypnotherapy can help with - confidence issues, emotional issues, fears, habits, phobias, allergies, anxiety, stress, weight and smoking. It can also help with boosting performance in public speaking and motivation.

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