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Yvette KaranLearn the secrets of yourself and be the master of you.

My passion in life is helping people to make those choices that will enrich their lives to give them the greatest happiness and fulfilment.

Your health and wellbeing is important.

How you feel has an impact on your business, work, and personal life, it affects your clarity and decision making. Learn the secrets of yourself and be the master of you.

My journey in this work has been insightful and rewarding. I trained in Meditation years ago when I was ill with a tumour and illness. I have always had an intuitive sense with my health. Then after much deliberation I sent myself on a journey to help with the removal of the tumour and illness.

I had at that time a great teacher guiding me and explaining the concepts of Holistic work. He explained that I did in fact have a choice to work with myself if I so wished.  I hadn’t understood that fully at the time but I now see that we all have a choice however this is often unconscious to us all. 

I soon began to be inspired in learning more about myself and where my intuitive skills could take me, I was amazed to witness many were in fact looking for the secret in helping themselves.

People seek change in many different ways and for many different reasons my passion is helping those people to find the secret within them to make changes in every way possible.

I always remember my grandfather saying “that out of something bad comes something good”.

I see life is a gift, at one time I did not see it like this, if we truly only  get one shot at this life then take that choice to enjoy and embrace your life to the full.

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Orb of Light Guided Meditation

Orb of Light Guided Meditation

44mins in length.
Available to purchase as an MP3 download or on a CD, please see below.

MP3 Download - £7.99

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