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Workshops & Events

Are you passionate about wanting change in your life, if so then you have come to the right place. Yvette’s mission is to help as many people to achieve happiness, fulfilment, and a zest for life. She truly understands what it feels like to be stuck and have fears which prevent you from moving forward, she will share the steps she took that has enriched her life and believe me you won’t look back.

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Reiki 1 & 2
Advanced Reiki
Reiki Master Teacher
Choice vs Change
Confidence Matters
The Perception Conundrum
A Journey into Sound
Strategies for Moving Forward
Meditation & Mindfulness


Meditation & Mindfulness Workshops

Life happens naturally around you and we all live in a fast and sometimes stressful world. By using our natural abilities and our breath we can deepen the connection to ourselves, helping us to find the peace and clarity needed to be focused in life.

Focus on Sleeping

If you suffer from difficulty sleeping or constantly waking up in the middle of the night, then this workshop is for you.

Sometimes it is as simple as giving your mind permission; by learning how to tap into your subconscious to find the cause of your disturbed sleep and using mindfulness to solve these issues, you can open up your mind to help yourself relax, allow your thoughts to diminish and improve your sleep.

6pm - 8.30pm
Message me now to enquire about upcoming dates info@yvettekaran.co.uk

An Evening for Relaxation

This will be an evening dedicated to you; creating a space of relaxation where Yvette will guide you through a whole body relaxation.

It will allow you to take time, spending an evening with like-minded people, to unwind from daily stresses and relax any physical aches and pains.

6pm - 8.30pm
Message me now to enquire about upcoming dates info@yvettekaran.co.uk

Mindfulness & Awareness Discussion Group

Using awareness to help you become more mindful of yourself and to move forward, this discussion group is set in an open and relaxing environment where interaction is key, bringing an understanding of our awareness on a conscious and subconscious level.

In this discussion group, we focus on bringing a sense of clarification in order for you to build a trusting relationship with yourself so that you can open up to your inner self and awareness. This will help you to distinguish between your thoughts and your knowing helping you to disconnect from your fears and communicate better with yourself.

6pm - 8.30pm
Message me now to enquire about upcoming dates info@yvettekaran.co.uk

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